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Should Your Teen be Taking Driver’s Ed yet?

Seeing your kid grow up into a mature adult is the ultimate reward of parenting. But letting go of some reins can be difficult for a parent.

According to a survey, the leading cause of death among youngsters aged 15-19 years old is car collision. After seeing countless accidents reported on news and online, letting your kid behind the wheel can be a nerve-racking experience.

You can’t keep your kids confined in the safety of your home. They need to learn and grow. If you believe your kid is old enough to sit behind a wheel, enroll them in a beginners’ driving course. Take these things into consideration to determine whether your teen is ready to take the wheel for a drive around the block.

Has my teen reached the legal driving age?

The legal driving age is different for every state. Consult your local authorities to learn about the legal driving age in your area.

Generally, a probationary driver’s licence is issued at the age of 16, given the person had a learner’s permit for one year.

A non-probationary driver’s licence is obtained after two years of probationary licence issuance. With a learner’s permit, a 14-year-old can learn how to drive under the guidance of an adult above the age of 18 years old. If your child has shown interest in driving, enrolling them in a driver’s-ed class is a great idea.

Is your teen mature?

Being a parent, you can assess your teen’s maturity in following rules and taking instruction.  Evaluate their school performance, punctuality, and decision-making skills.

All these qualities are put to a test on the road. If your kid is responsible enough to handle homework and doing house chores, he/she are more likely to be responsible on the road.

Do they follow pedestrian rules and pay attention to road signs, when crossing roads? Attention to detail is a necessary for road-skills. Your child’s maturity will play a huge role in making them a safe driver.

Can your teen concentrate?

If the cell phone is the sole attraction of your teen, then making them an attentive driver will take a lot of hard work. Driving demands focus and control.  

Is my teen alert and awake?

Driving can be stressful in traffic jams or during late-nights. Ask yourself, can your teen handle the stress? Can they remain alert at night? Can they be objective and not let their emotions get

in the way? If your teen practices a bad sleeping routine, encourage them to establish a proper sleeping routine, before enrolling them in a driving school. 

Do they have the time?

Driving is mastered with practice. Your teen needs to have the time to attend these driving classes. Schedule their after-school activities well to avoid overburdening them. You also need to practice with them. Providing some extra practice hours will increase  their confidence and improve their learning curve.

How can we help?

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